Monday, May 19, 2014

:D I liked this thought.  I believe it.  This past Saturday I was able to squeeze in a weigh in at our local clinic.  I weighed in at 385.7 Oka! :D  I did my best to be better throughout the rest of the weekend and weighed in this morning at 384.5.  It is super hard, but I do not plan on gaining any more weight.  I like feeling lighter and stronger then I felt before weight loss and I know I will continue to grow stronger as I continue to lose more weight.


A cup of dried aku, four cans of diet caffeine free Pepsi, four eggs over medium fried in butter topped with a cup of mixed shredded cheese.


About a cup of taco flavored hamburges, a cup of cheese, lots of diet soda, and an Atkins chocolate shake and some water.

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